Yoga, whatever it means to you, is a transformational practice with profound benefits on the body and mind. However, one amazing aspect of the physical practice that isn’t always given its due time and attention are inversions – in particular, headstands. Being upside down for just a few minutes a day is said to improve your concentration, stimulate the circulatory, endocrine, immune systems, and help to calm the mind and reduce anxiety and stress. They are simply TRANSFORMATIONAL. And, once you know how to do them correctly, they’re the gift that keeps on giving as there is always a new variation to strive for!

My inversion workshops create a safe and comfortable environment for you to begin, or deepen, your headstand practice. They are designed to be suitable for absolute beginners who have never even considered attempting a headstand before, to experienced practitioners who are looking for their next challenge. It takes the time to ensure everyone understands the correct alignment and body positioning within a headstand and how you can isolate different parts of your body to achieve this upside down. The workshop will equip you with everything you need to know to train your inversions –  from building up strength and flexibility to ways of progressing into harder variations. The workshop will enable you to leave with a deeper understanding of inversions, particularly headstands, and be able to integrate all of the tips, tricks and steps into your own personal practice.

This motivating and educational 3-hour workshop will inspire you to push yourself in a positive way. The workshop will focus on building up to a variety of different headstands, regardless of your experience with them at present, and leave you feeling motivated, strong and confident after learning new things about these poses and about yourself along the way.

My workshops equip you with everything you need to know about holding a headstand stably & consistently. Whether you can hold a headstand or have never even considered it before, this is the workshop for you! It walks you through the process step by step, as well as providing you with additional challenges if you want to attempt them – including variations such as tripod headstand, new ways to enter & come out of headstand (straddle press, for example) & a range of leg variations.

No matter what stage you’re at in your headstand journey, you’re bound to learn so much about your body alignment, positioning & new ways to challenge yourself in a fun & empowering way! Go as far as YOU want to, and leave feeling inspired & stronger than ever!


General Workshop Structure:

+ Mindfulness (10 minutes)

+ Thorough warm up to prepare the body + introduction (around 30 mins)

+ Alignment/ body positioning (around 30 mins)

+ Improve strength in key areas for inversions (in particular, core, shoulders + upper body) + introduce effective exercises for you to use outside of the workshop  (around 30 mins)

+ Break (10 minutes)

+ Headstand practice (1hour 15):

  • Prepatory poses
  • Real ways to build up to a headstand in the long run
  • Pair and Group Work
  • Advice/How to train on your own
  • Practice Time
  • Headstand Variations once confident – Tripod Stand, Pincha, Leg Variations etc.

+ Handstand – if ability and demand is there for it

+ Savasana (10-15)

You’ll come away with a takeaway toolkit that will allow you to continue practicing and training safely and confidently outside of the workshop, as well.


To enquire prices and to book onto any upcoming workshop or for more information please email If you’d like to book on, please include your name and the location of the workshop you’d like to attend in the comment section.